Myrkskog Superior Massacre

Deadly death metal is the order of the day from Norway's awkwardly named Myrkskog. Superior Massacre is the band's sophomore release, and what a great release it is, giving eight tracks proper of technically proficient, sonically crushing and, uh, pretty much perfect death metal. The caveat is that it's straight-up death metal, no tricks or innovations, so the opportunity for glazed-eyed ennui to set in is there. But man, these guys (one of whom happens to be named Destructhor, by the way) know what they're doing and it's pretty much impossible to figure out anything worth complaining about on Superior Massacre. The drumming of Secthdamon (seriously!) is quite impressive, as the man is a master on the double-bass pedals and the blast beat fills. Production sounds great, drums sound natural, there's at least one pentagram on the cover, and the tunes will leave a trail of devastation in their wake. (Candlelight)