Myracle Brah Super Automatic

Sometimes a band has such a terrible name that you would never even think about listening to the music because of it, and Myracle Brah is one of those bands. It would take something very, very special to compensate for that name, but fortunately that's exactly what you get with Super Automatic. This album is actually a compilation of tracks from the band's last three records, all of which seemed to pass by almost completely unnoticed in North America (although some forward-thinking UK music journalists cottoned on pretty quickly). Despite the fact that they were recorded over the past four years, the 14 tracks still form a cohesive album that doesn't sound at all dated. The music is similar in mood to the best that Teenage Fanclub, or Velvet Crush, has to offer, with soaring guitars and vocals that owe a huge debt to the pop music of the '60s. Andy Bopp, the band's only permanent member and main songwriter, has a masterful touch that makes every song a joy to listen to. Simply put, Super Automatic is a wonderful introduction to a band that is infinitely superior than their frankly appalling name would ever have led you to believe. They might just be the best-kept secret in the world of guitar pop at the moment, but I don't imagine it will remain that way for long. (Rainbow Quartz)