Myelin Sheaths "Gloves // Mutations" / "Half Wit"

Myelin Sheaths 'Gloves // Mutations' / 'Half Wit'
At the forefront of the unexpected punk renaissance from Lethbridge, AB, Myelin Sheaths play blown-out garage punk rooted in party vibes and smirking science references. The band have recently completed their debut album, Get On Your Nerves, which is slated for release this fall from Southpaw Records.

Myelin Sheaths recently uploaded two tracks from the LP to their MySpace page: "Gloves // Mutations" and "Half Wit." For those keeping track, both songs explore familiar Sheaths territory, mixing mid-fi production, garage punk spunk and a quirky sense of humour. The new material expands upon the sound with a pronounced surf influence rearing its head in the lead guitars.

Check out both tracks here.