My Pet Genius Gear Up for Long-Awaited Return as [MP.G]

My Pet Genius Gear Up for Long-Awaited Return as [MP.G]
In terms of long-delayed follow-up albums, Toronto's My Pet Genius are giving My Bloody Valentine a run for their money. They released the Might Strike Satellite EP way back in 1996, and since then, they've spent 15 years recording. Now, they're finally ready to start releasing new material under the abbreviated name [MP.G].

The band have put together four records' worth of material. This has been cut down to the double album Empire of Light, which will be released this fall. In the meantime, they're previewing some of the material with the four-song digital EP EMP01. It will be out on Tuesday (April 29).

Regarding the sound of the new tunes, a press release notes, "They've honed the shoegazer drone that helped establish the band as a local mainstay in the late '90s, while adding a more sophisticated side to their visceral attack."

The album will be split into two halves: One Side, which features punchily aggressive songs akin to Swervedriver or the Pixies, and Another Side, which is more experimental and reminiscent of Pink Floyd, the Flaming Lips and Spiritualized.

While we wait for the full-length to drop, head over the [MP.G]'s Bandcamp page this coming Tuesday (April 29) for EMP01. The hazily fuzzed-out shoegaze tracks "Black Mesa Rally Cry" and "Pricked" are embedded at the bottom of this page.

Also below, scroll past the EP's tracklist to see the band's upcoming live schedule below.


1. Black Mesa Rally Cry
2. Let The Experiments Begin
3. And She Goes
4. Pricked

Tour dates:

05/06 Toronto, ON - Bovine Sex Club (CMW)
05/15 Toronto, ON - Smiling Buddha *

* with Sensei