My Brightest Diamond / Various Tear It Down

If any indie rocker demands a remix record, it’s My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden. Last year’s Bring Me the Workhorse offered a breadth of musical styles, enabling Worden to shift her dynamic vocal range based on any given song’s mood and tone. Tear It Down now offers an impressive array of reinterpretations of Workhorse songs that reposition Worden’s words in the realm of dance and electronica. Alias’s "Golden Star” remix sweeps away the original’s majestic orchestral soundscape for a sparse, glitch-y, beat-heavy track that exposes Worden’s voice to full effect. The Gold Chains’ "Panique” mix of "Freak Out” is definitely one for the workout plan, while Stakka’s "Disappear” is as melodramatic as anything from the operatic source album. There are hints of Portishead infiltrating things, like on "Magic Rabbit” by Alfred Brown and "Something of an End” by David Keith (NC47) but this has as much to do with the sound of Worden’s voice as it does with the inclinations of the assembled sound scientists. All told, the concept of a My Brightest Diamond remix album is justified by the fascinating results found on Tear It Down. (Asthmatic Kitty)