My Bloody Valentine Remasters Get UK Release Date

My Bloody Valentine Remasters Get UK Release Date
Adding to the recent onslaught of My Bloody Valentine news, the legendary shoegazers have confirmed they will begin an extensive remastering campaign. On June 16, the band will release remastered versions of their two classic full-lengths, Loveless and Isn’t Anything, in the UK, and as previously reported, more than one mix will be available, or at least for Loveless.

According to a Sony BMG UK rep, 1991’s Loveless will come as a double-disc, the first being remastered from both DAT and analogue tape and the second from just analogue tape, Pitchfork reports. Isn’t Anything is expected to come as only a single disc. No unreleased tracks, remixes or added treats will be included on either release, but vinyl editions are expected to follow.

As of yet, it is unclear if any of these mixes will be a new Kevin Shields mix, as previously reported. Also, no word on if these remasters will get a North American release. But if these reissues play out the same way as My Bloody Valentine’s reunion tour, it will be: first the UK, then Japan, and finally U.S. and Canada.

The Sony BMG rep also told Pitchfork that the band and the label are discussing "other possible releases for later in the year." Perhaps the representative was alluding to that Japanese-only rarities box?

No tracklisting has been released yet for the Loveless and Isn’t Anything remasters.