My Bloody Valentine Box Set For Sale Through HMV Japan

My Bloody Valentine Box Set For Sale Through HMV Japan
April Fool’s Day has long come and gone, but believe it or not, the My Bloody Valentine box set is here — almost The long-rumoured release by the legendary shoegazers is now available for pre-order at HMV Japan, the only country so far to offer this five-disc, limited-edition collection And the release date? June 25, 2008.

However, unlike rumours that surfaced in 2005 concerning two MBV box sets of live material being in the works, the one the Japanese music retailer is advertising appears to be all studio work According to a translation on the HMV Japan website, the box set contains the following: MBV’s two classics albums, Isn’t Anything and Loveless, in full; a disc gathering up all the band’s various EPs; a disc of unreleased tracks; and a 20-minute DVD of music videos

And while the site does not name the unreleased tracks nor say what EPs are in the set for certain, it does say that all the tracks have been remixed by none other than Kevin Shield himself The website also says the set includes lyric sheets, containing both English and Japanese translations; a 16-page book of liner notes penned by UK music journalist extraordinaire, Everett True; and, topping it off in true Japanese style, the country’s patented paper sleeves instead of chunky jewel cases

And while the website allows you to now place orders for the My Bloody Valentine box set, be warned, HMV has a notoriously bad reputation for falsely listing the band’s releases According to sources at HMV Canada, this supposed Japanese My Bloody Valentine box has surfaced in the store’s computer systems before, allowing Canadian shops to place orders but with no sets ever arriving Also long hidden in the HMV database was a catalog listing for a third proper MBV full-length, which, as fans know all too well, never surfaced

So if you are willing to take your chances, place that order and keep those fingers crossed Oh, and don’t worry, if you don’t understand Japanese, the website offers an English version

The tracklisting advertised for the My Bloody Valentine box set:

Disc 1: Isn’t Anything (re-mastered by Kevin Shields)

1 Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
2 Lose My Breath
3 Cupid Come
4 You're Still In A Dream, (When You Wake)
5 No More Sorry
6 All I Need
7 Feed Me With Your Kiss
8 Sueisfine
9 Several Girls Galore
10 You Never Should
11 Nothing Much To Lose
12 I Can't See It (But I Can't Feel It)

Disc 2: Loveless (re-mastered by Kevin Shields)

1 Only Shallow
2 Loomer
3 Touched
4 To Here Knows When
5 When You Sleep
6 I Only Said
7 Come In Alone
8 Sometimes
9 Blown A Wish
10 What You Want
11 Soon

Disc 3: EP Collections (re-mastered by Kevin Shields)
Tracks TBA

Disc 4: Unreleased Track Collections*
Tracks TBA

Disc 5: DVD

1 You Made Me Realise (Single released in Aug ’88)
2 Swallow (Single released in Feb ’91)
3 Feed Me With Your Kiss (from Isn’t Anything)
4 Only Shallow (from Loveless)
5 To Hear Knows When (from Loveless)
6 Soon (from Loveless)

Discs 1 – 4 in papersleeves
Discs 1 & 2 come with original/Japanese lyrics sheets

*With a 16-page booklet including liner notes penned by Everett True

My Bloody Valentine "Soon”