Music's Top 10 Procrastinators

Music's Top 10 Procrastinators
When My Bloody Valentine finally dropped m b v earlier this month, it came after years of frustrating delays and unfulfilled promises. Arriving 22 years after 1991's Loveless, it made even the 17-year wait for Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy seem almost modest in comparison.

Of course, this isn't the only endlessly delayed new LP that we've spent years waiting for. Here is our list of the music world's 10 greatest procrastinators, and the albums we wish they would hurry up and release.

Music's Top 10 Procrastinators:

10. Portishead - Title TBA

There was a decade-plus wait between 1997's Portishead and 2008's Third, and the wait for album No. 4 is shaping up to be similarly interminable. While the trip-hoppers have repeatedly promised that the disc is on the way, quotes indicate that the album may still only be in the planning stages. It may have only been five years since Portishead's latest album — much less than most artists on this list — but the persistent hints make the wait feel particularly painful.

9. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Title TBA

When Scottish fuzz icons the Jesus and Mary Chain reunited in 2007, they promised that their return was not intended as a nostalgia trip and that a new album would be on the way. They released a new song, "All Things Must Pass," in 2008, but since then have focused on compilations and reissues. The band have reportedly not been seeing eye-to-eye in regards to new material, and singer-guitarist Jim Reid told Drowned in Sound in 2011, "It might happen, it might not." Well, that's discouraging.

8. Missy Elliott - Block Party

Rumours have been swirling about Missy Elliott's new album since around 2007, and the rapper said back in 2008 that it would be called FANomenal. Thankfully, she later changed that cringe-worthy title to Block Party, but the album has yet to arrive. She released the Timbaland-featuring songs "Triple Threat" and "9th Inning" back in September, so perhaps the rest of the new songs won't be too far behind.

7. Doomstarks - Swift & Changeable

Ghostface Killah and DOOM have had their collaborative Doomstarks project brewing for years now, but they have yet to drop Swift & Changeable. They unveiled the track "Victory Laps" a couple of years ago, but Ghost later expressed frustration that the album wasn't finished. In 2011, he told Fast Forward Weekly, "I said, 'Yo, just send me more tracks. Get it to me so we can narrow it down. That don't mean whatever we got, we have to use. Yo, come on, let's just do it. I can't wait to do the DOOM album. Everybody looking for the DOOM album." Ghostface recently said that the joint album is still heading our way, but unfortunately, the wait continues.

6. Beck - Title TBA

It's not as if Beck hasn't been productive since the release of 2008's Modern Guilt — far from it. He's released hastily assembled cover albums, contributed songs to movies and videogames, recorded a 7-inch with Jack White, covered David Bowie with a massive orchestra, and even released a collection of songs on sheet music. Meanwhile, he's yet to drop an official new LP, although he apparently has a batch of studio tunes dating back several years. He has promised to finish and release the material soon.