'Music for Heart and Breath' by Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry Comes to Toronto

'Music for Heart and Breath' by Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry Comes to Toronto
Last year, Richard Reed Parry branched out from his work in Arcade Fire for a classically minded experimental composition. On March 1, he will bring Music for Heart and Breath to Toronto for the New Music in New Places festival.

The concert will take place at Academy of Lions General Store at 64 Ossington Ave., where Parry's composition will be played by the Music in the Barns Chamber Ensemble. The performance also includes renditions of Rose Bolton's The Coming of Sobs for Quartet and Scott Godin's All That is Solid Melts into the Air for String Quintet.

Following the main concert, the fun will continue with a set from spooky folk sister Tasseomancy, plus appearances from DJ Adam Terejko and live projectionist Kate Young.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online here or in person at Soundscapes.

Parry's Music for Heart and Breath uses stethoscopes to incorporate the performers' breath and heartbeats into the show.

"You find the audience paying attention to their own internal rhythms, their own breathing, their own heartbeats, and then trying to sort of match them to the performers onstage," he previously said. "Listening in the space between those two things happening, someone else broadcasting or amplifying or broadcasting musically their own internal, really quiet rhythms, and as a listener trying to see where that interfaces with your own. That's just a completely different listening experience to what we're used to having."