Drone Crashes into the Crowd at Muse Concert

Drone Crashes into the Crowd at Muse Concert
UK alt-rockers Muse told a story of revolt and rebellion with their most recent full-length Drones last year, and though art has been known to imitate life, the phenomenon was reversed when it came to one of the band's airborne concert drones during their performance last night (April 14).

Well into their set on the third night of their residency at London's O2 Arena, one of the band's floating set pieces strayed from its intended flight path and made a crash landing in the crowd. NME reports that crews worked quickly to remove the downed drone and that no attendees are believed to have been hurt.

A similar drone malfunction befell the band during a performance in Detroit earlier this year. Watch footage of the incidents below.

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The drone crashed half way through The Globalist and Chris pissed himself 😂 #muse #drones

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