Muse "Drones" (video)

Muse 'Drones' (video)
If Muse are to be believed, the year 2025 is going to be pretty bleak. A new video for the title track to Drones begins with the message "Government drones fill the sky. Freedom is banished." Then again, it presents the prog-pop mainstays as our saviours. If you want to learn how, you can watch the clip now.

As you'll discover, the UK outfit are staging an outdoor concert near a clash between armoured-up law-enforcers and an oppressed people. There's a bit of battling, which ends up being a bit more explosive than the pumped-up Muse tune. All things told, we'd think the band would agree.

You'll find the Apple Music-sponsored rock clip, apparently filmed using some fish-eyed drone cameras, down below.

Muse hit Canada on their ongoing DronesĀ tour in December. You can get the date and venue specifics over here.