Murder Squad Ravenous Murderous

With an album name like Ravenous Murderous, it’s pretty apparent what Murder Squad is all about: straight-up, old school death metal. Featuring seasoned vets from Entombed, Dismember and Autopsy, Murder Squad certainly know their way around Swedish death metal riffs and beats. Truth be told, the homage these dudes are paying to the old school is so steeped in familiar sounds it’s almost not worth plunking down much cash for it. But they do it well in songs like "I Am Eternal,” worming their way into the brain after a couple listens, while speedy punksters and sludge metal monsters slither around in other corners of this fun, tossed-off, but thought-out album. That Swedish guitar tone is intact, buzz sawing its way through the gruff vocals and the bashing, caveman-like drum style. Most powerful when traversing in slower tempos, Murder Squad are still adept at whatever the heck they want to do, and it’s best to not complain, because man, oh man, do these guys sound mean. (Candlelight)