'The Muppets,' 'Hugo' and 'Arthur Christmas' Take Us into This Week's Film Roundup

'The Muppets,' 'Hugo' and 'Arthur Christmas' Take Us into This Week's Film Roundup
While we may not be indulging in turkey dinners like our American neighbours this weekend, there are still a whole bunch of new movies debuting at the box office for Canadians' viewing pleasure. Head over to the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section to read full reviews of the following highlights, plus many more.

Kicking off the Christmas movie season, this weekend sees a handful of family-friendly flicks that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. To start, Jim Henson's lovable puppet creations are back on the big screen in The Muppets, bringing the motley gang of furry creatures to a whole new generation. Jason Segel wrote the screenplay with his Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-worker Nicholas Stoller, while he also stars in the film alongside Amy Adams and old favourites like Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Martin Scorsese's animated piece Hugo receives an Exclaim! Mark of Excellence this week for delivering a visually stunning work, which tells the tale of a young orphan boy living in the walls of a train station in 1930s Paris. Scorsese toes the line between technical perfection and emotional delivery with excellent results.

The final kid-friendly flick coming to you this week is the British holiday comedy Arthur Christmas, which focuses on some of Santa's lesser known relatives, namely the titular character who decides to take off with reindeer and a sleigh to deliver a single gift. Flubs along the way make for an entertaining watch.

Switching gears, My Week With Marilyn stars Michelle Williams as an insecure Marilyn Monroe during her time on set with Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) for The Prince and the Showgirl and documentarian Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne). Read the full review to see if these actors were able to effectively portray their famous predecessors.

Finally, the sequel to José Padilha's Elite Squad is out this week, entitled Elite Squad: The Enemy Within. It picks up on the action 13 years later, but how will the second instalment fare?

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