Mumford & Sons "Lover of the Light" (video)

Mumford & Sons 'Lover of the Light' (video)
Banjo-blaring UK folkies Mumford & Sons are getting ready to promote their upcoming live set The Road to Red Rocks, but the band also want you to enjoy a cinematic new video clip for Babel track "Lover of the Light."

The troupe nabbed Brit actor Idris Elba (The Wire, Prometheus) to star in and direct the video, which finds him playing a blind man tenderly going through his morning routine. While he modestly makes his way around the house, setting the table for breakfast and dressing in a crisp black and white suit, Elba eventually jogs through an emerald patch of an English hillside and sucks in a healthy gust of ocean air.

You can see the spirit-raising clip down below.