Múm Finally We Are No One

As with many Icelandic musicians that have reached the spotlight, Múm makes extremely eclectic music rich with the cultural elements of their home country. Finally We Are No One is their second album and is absolutely beautiful, haunting and mind-bending all at the same time and at every moment. Combining the sad orchestral elements of Sigur Rós and the electronic gadgetry of Björk, Múm's purely exotic brand of pop music is out of this world. Glitches, moody organs and slow, heavy beats are thrown all over the place, mixed in with some of the most magical sounds, which seem as though they are covered in pixie dust. Kristín Anna Valtysdóttir's angelic vocals are the softest touch an ear could ever feel, coming off even more delicate and sweet than the Cranes' Ali Shaw. Finally We Are No One is a record that will keep those waiting for the follow-ups to Vespertine and Ágætis Byrjun very, very happy. (Fat Cat)