The Multinauts (ft. Ariel Pink)

<i>The Multinauts</i> (ft. Ariel Pink)
Fans of Ariel Pink's unpredictable weirdness may have been a little worried that their hero had cleaned up for the more accessible Before Today. Perhaps, in an effort to prove he's still as weird as ever, the prolific artist has lent his voice to a sci-fi cartoon called The Multinauts.

Rather than explain it ourselves, check out this description from director Jennifer Juniper Stratford:

The Multinauts are visited by Falco Quasar. Falco convinces the Multinauts to blow off some steam by going to a wild space party where the galaxies hottest new "saga-wave" band, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti are playing. Good times go terribly awry when the trio travels to a wild kegger full of space preppies that turn out to be more than just party animals.

The first of the two episodes, which feature Pink, can be streamed below. The episode also features an appearance from Yo Gabba Gabba's DJ Lance Rock.

More info on The Multinauts series can be found here.

THE MULTINAUTS- Episode One "Flashback" from Multinauts on Vimeo.

THE MULTINAUTS - Episode Two "Mirrorman" from Multinauts on Vimeo.