Mujaji Free Rain

Dutch brothers Seto and Thoth Shmack have pieced together an impressive mishmash of bleeps and abstract noises in the form of Free Rain, their North American debut. Upon initial listening, it seems that Mujaji are coming at us more on the hip-hop tip, with phat, lazy beats, chunky wah-wah and whatever else the two decide to throw in the mix. Free Rain succeeds in reaching various levels of emotion through its tracks by what samples are used. There's the beautiful bells and chimes that accompany "Southern Light Rollerama," an uplifting number that could easily be heard pumping at the local roller rink. Then there's the spooky loop used in "Ate At The Zoo," which may very well have been lifted from a haunted house soundtrack. A common occurrence found on Free Rain is taking a hook, normally a very stunning one as well, and stretching it out from start to finish with very little change-ups. Mujaji then breaks and twists the beats around and goes off time to give the tracks variation. It works for this release because the cuts are so appetising. Plus it's safe to say that Mujaji probably pieced this record together from a few years worth of tapes on the shelf. Still, the duo should definitely elaborate for any upcoming efforts, adding more layers to their already juicy beats. Shadow Records is known for releasing early ventures by the likes of Amon Tobin, DJ Krush and DJ Cam, and with a little fine-tuning, Mujaji could be next to be lumped in with that extremely elite crowd. (Shadow)