Muck "Provoke Me" (video)

Muck 'Provoke Me' (video)
Icelandic hardcore unit Muck have flung yet another preview from their forthcoming Your Joyous Future our way, letting a fairly straightforward performance vid of their violently bashed-out "Provoke Me" hit us right between the eyes. Warning: it's gonna leave a bruise.

While the recent video for "My City" had the band firing off destructive, M-80 beats and downer melodies for a concert crowd, the black and white clip for "Provoke Me" finds the group stewing in their rage inside the comfort of their practice space. Pick-slides, furrowed-brow bellowing, and brain-boxing blasts beats all collude on the ominous punk number, which is recommend for fans of Baptists or fallen Canadian crew Cursed.

Prosthetic Records deliver's Muck's Your Joyous Future on February 24. You'll find a pre-order for a limited-edition vinyl pressing over here.