MTV Press To Publish Book On Hardcore Punk

MTV Press To Publish Book On Hardcore Punk
MTV Press has announced it will be releasing Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music, a photo book with written text from skateboarding authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo, on October 7.

Boasting additional contributions from Dag Nasty’s Dave Smalley, Minor Threat’s Jeff Nelson, music photographer Mark Owens, and, for some reason, former Vibe/White Rapper Show host Sacha Jenkins, the book promises rare photographs of early hardcore acts and fanzines from "a pre-internet society, where community and do it yourself ethics thrived. American kids who loved the speed and attitude of the original punk rock but despised the fashion and faux nihilism made a brilliant revision: hardcore.”

Someone should let MTV know that this book already exists in a much more comprehensive form as Steven Blush’s American Hardcore, which was even made into a successful, internationally distributed documentary. I suppose this may all play into MTV Films’ favour…

Update: In response to the comparisons to American Hardcore, co-author Anthony Pappalardo tells Exclaim!, "I am excited for you to see this [book] because if you think American Hardcore was comprehensive you're going to have your mind blown - our book stops almost ten years later than where AHC leaves off.

"Also our book is visual not based on someone's diary so it's going to be completely different."

And there you have it, folks.