Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects Listen Up

The story of Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects is almost as engaging as this excellent groove and funk-oriented record. It seems that Paulo Zappoli (Black Heart Procession) discovered that his TV repairman, Freddie Dillinger ("Mr. Tube”) had a secret life as a musician in the ’60s and ’70s. When Zappoli finally heard some live recordings of Dillinger’s bands (Freddie Feelgood and the Real Good Feelings, which later became Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects), he determined that these songs had to be re-tooled to see the light of day. Gathering music written by Mr. Tube between 1956 and 2004, Zappoli assembled a band and, with Mr. Tube in the producer’s seat, recorded ten songs. Sound like horseshit? Well, it might be but there’s no denying that the music collected here is fun and infectious. Playing loose-form funk with a great band and an even better horn section, the new Flying Objects have written a great summertime, party record. Soulful tracks like "Put Me Back on Your Side” and "Brothers in a Bind” are back-alley raw and soulful, while "Jesus Was a Vato” is just kind of fucked up. With all the acumen of the Folk Implosion, the band shoot for lo-fi electronica on "Todos Los Noches” and flirt with house on "Long Night Review.” Listen Up is a refreshing collection of songs and, even if it isn’t true, the tale of "Mr. Tube” is a heartening one. (Cargo)