Move D & Benjamin Brunn Songs From The Beehive

If you enjoy Warp Records’ profound influence on all types of pulse-related, additive electronics, this is for you. This is another chapter in the tried and true playbook of building simple riffs into towering, grand designs at relaxed tempos. Basic Channel’s deliberate shuffle seems built into every track. Even with disco as a clear influence on cuts like "Honey,” the groove has a hollowness to it. While Fender Rhodes soul signifiers give warmth and familiarity, the "soul” represented here is not about getting you dancing first and foremost, it’s a more ambient meditation. With the majority of its cuts longer than ten minutes, this is process-oriented music. The Orb circa Live 93 is another good jump-off point. Every track uses a warm palette of synth pads and classic sounds distended by multiple echoes, but never to the point of harshness. This is an album for late nights, past the peak of the evening. It’s the perfect soundtrack for bodies that haven’t yet flushed out certain stimulants. (Smallville)