Mouse on Mars' Jan St. Werner Gets Members of Earth, Bo Ningen, Oval for 'Miscontinuum Album'

Mouse on Mars' Jan St. Werner Gets Members of Earth, Bo Ningen, Oval for 'Miscontinuum Album'
Though tomorrow (October 31) marks the release of veteran electronic project Mouse on Mars' career-toasting 21 Again, there's apparently even more music to celebrate, as member Jan St. Werner has a new record on the way as well. His Miscontinuum Album arrives January 27 via Thrill Jockey.

A press release explains that the upcoming effort is the third instalment of Werner's conceptual Fiepblatter series, following last year's Blaze Colour Burn and Transcendental Animal Numbers. The piece has been worked on for four years and has already been premiered live as an opera and broadcast as a radio play. This latest studio interpretation adds Earth's Dylan Carlson, Oval (a.k.a. Markus Popp), Kathy Alberici and Bo Ningen's Taigen Kawabe into Werner's soundscape.

An "aura of doom" is said to permeate the project, which is described as exploring "misconceptions of time and memory." The plot, credited to Popp, "involves a progressive distinction of time as a force rather than a structuring system, and an individual who can shift consciously between states within that force." Wrapping themselves around this narrative are the balance between Werner's electronics and the voices of Alberici and Kawabe.

In addition to the forthcoming physical release, a revised version of Miscontinuum featuring visuals from Zoya Bassi takes place at London's St Luke's Church on February 8. More performances are apparently in the works.

As for Mouse on Mars' 21 Again, it lands tomorrow through Monkeytown.

Miscontinuum Album:

1. Intro

2. Cervo

3. Scene 1

4. Repedron

5. Demonos

6. Scene 2

7. Molono

8. Scene 3

9. Schwazade

10. Outtro

11. Amazonas