Mountain Goats Dig Into the Good Book for The Life of the World to Come

Mountain Goats Dig Into the Good Book for <i>The Life of the World to Come</i>
John Darnielle's long-running Mountain Goats have announced that they'll be adding another release to their massive canon. The album, titled The Life of the World to Come, is due out October 6 via the group's label home of 4AD.

According to our math, the record will mark Darnielle's 17th full-length under the moniker, and was recorded at a number of studios across the U.S., including the Steve Albini-owned Electrical Audio in Chicago. The album also apparently takes a decidedly religious theme, as all of the songs are named after bible verses.

In a message on his website, Darnielle explained a few things about the record, saying, ""I guess the obvious question is going to be: 'John, have you had some sort of religious awakening?' And while I guess lots of people might want to be coy about answering that, that's never really been my style, so: no. It's not like that. It's not some heavy-narrative-distance deal either, though, and it's not a screed. It's 12 new songs: 12 hard lessons the Bible taught me, kind of. More than that I'd want to wait to say until some people have heard it, which won't be long."

He also points out that fans can expect some more updates from the project shortly. "Will there be more news soon, quite soon? Like, next week, even? Oh, yes, there will!"

A song from the album, "Genesis 3:23," can be heard here.

The Life of the World to Come:

1. "1 Samuel 15:23"

2. "Psalms 4:2"

3. "Genesis 3:23"

4. "Philippians 3:2-21"

5. "Hebrews 11:4"

6. "Genesis 3:3"

7. "Romans 1:9"

8. "1 John 4:16"

9. "Matthew 25:21"

10. "Deuteronomy 2:1"

11. "Isaiah 45:23"

12. "Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace"