Mountain Goats "Thucydides II:58"

Mountain Goats 'Thucydides II:58'
Although the Mountain Goats can now afford to hire death metal legends to produce their music, songwriter John Darnielle was once known for releasing a string of ultra lo-fi home recordings. Longtime fans are bound to get a bit sentimental when they hear "Thucydides II:58," an acoustic cut that harkens back to the brittle sonics of his early work.

Danielle shared the song via Twitter as a way to celebrate passing 25,000 followers. Of the unreleased demo, he wrote, "This song was what we call a 'false start,' I had a whole concept for a project I'll be announcing soon but it went in another direction."

He also called it the "first explicitly ancient-world-related song in some time by my count."

Download the track for free right here.