Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum Will Name Your Band for $35

Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum Will Name Your Band for $35
Though it might not be as bonkers as it was when it first launched, the Twitter page of Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum continues to be a wonderful and hilarious corner of the web. Over the weekend, the songwriter and label boss announced a new project through a Twitter haiku. He's now a professional band-namer.

That's right, for the absurd price of $35 USD, Phil Elverum will name your band:
In a follow-up tweet, the performer promised that he won't cave in to the temptation to name every band "the Hotdog Brothers."

Lest you think this is fake, he also offered a link to the official homepage of his "BAND NAMING SERVICES."

The site explains that you aren't required to use Phil Elverum's band name for you, but you will not receive a refund if you're disappointed in the band name. Further, he may or may not research your project to help you come up with a new moniker. There's a tiny box where you can input "CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION."

Elverum goes on to offer a brief FAQ at the bottom of the page:

Is it a joke? Of course, but I'll do it still.
Is $35 "too much"? One cent would be too much if you ask me. This is a ridiculous thing. But still I'll do it.
Plus, what if your band becomes super popular? Then $35 is nothing. That's one arena show souvenir tank top. And maybe it was my band name that put you in that position.
Is capitalism fucked up? Definitely.

In all honesty, we can't wait to get our first press release boasting that a band was named by Phil Elverum. We'd happily premiere a new track from the Hotdog Brothers (formerly Viet Cong) any day of the week.