​Mount Eerie Shares New Field Recording "(fireworks & wind)"

And it's literally just the sounds of fireworks and wind
​Mount Eerie Shares New Field Recording '(fireworks & wind)'
Mount Eerie has shared a new sound snippet he recorded yesterday (July 4), appropriately enough dubbing it "(fireworks & wind)." But don't expect any sort of "song" here — it's literally just a recording of fireworks and wind that's now been posted onto the internet.
The self-explanatory field recording by Phil Elverum captures Fourth of July fireworks and wind from "outside town." Elverum further explained, "the wind gradually increases."
He added the recording is "no big deal, no reason for this recording, no physical release." So if for some insane reason you wanted this on vinyl, you're out of luck.
Nevertheless, if you want to spend your Friday listening to some murky sounds of fireworks and wind that gradually increase, by all means press play below. 
In other Elverum news, he recently announced that he would revive his former the Microphones moniker for a live show in his hometown of Anacortes, WA, later this month.