Mount Eerie Announces 'Clear Moon,' Preps Companion Album for 2012 Release

Mount Eerie Announces 'Clear Moon,' Preps Companion Album for 2012 Release
When Phil Elverum is not writing possibly the most boring tweets ever, the Pacific Northwest musician sometimes likes to write and record songs. The former Microphones mastermind hasn't released a proper LP with his current project Mount Eerie since Wind's Poem in 2009 (that's not including the rarities collection Song Islands Vol. 2), but that will soon change, since we can expect two new Mount Eerie albums before the year is out.

The first of those two is called Clear Moon, and it will be released on May 22 via P.W. Elverum and Sun. The album contains 11 tracks, and a press release describes it like this: "These are songs about a quiet life in and around a small northwest town, usually buried in fog, and the unexpected moments of clarity that briefly flash through. Clear Moon is the resonant lone bell symbol, the glint in the water, the sudden breath."

The album was recorded on analogue equipment in Elvrum's new studio, the Unknown, which is located in an old church in his hometown of Anacortes, WA. Listeners can reportedly "hear the giant wooden cathedral room in these songs. Vast echo, resonating gongs, impenetrable walls of thickness, and always a voice cutting through the fog, moon-like." Stylistic inspirations include Popol Vuh, black metal and Wolves in the Throne Room.

Clear Moon will be followed later this year by a "companion album" called Ocean Roar.

Mount Eerie will be touring Europe this year, and you can see the schedule here.

Clear Moon:

1. Through the Trees pt. 2
2. the Place Lives
3. the Place I Live
4. (something)
5. Lone Bell
6. House Shape
7. Over Dark Water
8. (something)
9. Clear Moon
10. Yawning Sky
11. (synthesizer)