Motörhead's Lemmy Appears Posthumously in Finnish Dairy Ad

Motörhead's Lemmy Appears Posthumously in Finnish Dairy Ad
The world is still mourning the death of Motörhead frontman Lemmy, whose funeral is set to take place — and be livestreamed — tomorrow afternoon (January 8), but new footage of the hard-rocking vet has already emerged in an unlikely format.
Filmed just weeks before his passing, an advertisement for Finnish dairy company Valio has now been released online. The commercial stars Lemmy and has been reworked to serve as a tribute to the late musician.
The clip apparently spoofs a 20-year-old ad familiar to viewers and milk drinkers in Finland. It sees Lemmy outside of a bar declaring, "I don't drink milk, and I never will." After a short pause, he throws in a "You assholes" for added effect.
In the wake of Lemmy's death, the ad now closes with text that reads, "Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister 1945-2015," followed by: "We raise our glasses to you."
The video's full description offers an additional explanation about the decision to run the clip as a tribute. It reads:
This is offered in celebration of the life of a lovely, exceptional man — a man who celebrated life so vibrantly himself. We were first shooting a remake of an iconic Finnish milk ad. The tone of this ad that was shot a month ago was changed to make it a heartfelt tribute, however modest. A take that came late in the shoot was selected — one of Lemmy's brilliant improv moments that was never in the script. This was our magical encounter with a great man — and we're honoured to share it with the world. Thank you, Lemmy.
Watch the commemorative commercial in the player below.