Motörhead Hammered

Get out the Compound W, Lemmy and the gang are back, sleazy as ever and ready to rock. On Hammered, Motörhead continues their long legacy of dirty, punk-influenced metal, with no surprises offered and no complaints given, if the listener is already a Motör-fan. Tracks such as "Brave New World" and excellent opener "Walk A Crooked Mile" are truly infectious in their simplicity. The band has a certain charm in their raw bar rock and roll that makes other bands that do the sleaze thing look quite silly; when they're in your 50s and they still sound like this, that'll be impressive. However, only Lemmy and his crew can seemingly forge on against old man time, pissed as ever, fast as ever, showing few signs of fatigue and putting all the young pups to shame. The wrestling tie-ins on a couple songs here are embarrassing, though. (Sanctuary)