Motion Soundtrack Nine Days' Wonder

The members of Vancouver's Motion Soundtrack have been around the block a few times. Having collectively played with the likes of Cinnamon, Ashley Park, Saturnhead, Lily Frost and Kinnie Star, there's no doubt that their musical ability is second to none. But with that kind of history comes a whole mess of influences that seemingly don't fit together well, yet Nine Days' Wonder have an unexpected cohesiveness that makes it an intriguing listen. The band are trying for a laidback psychedelic sound - the pounding cover of the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" shows what to expect, although there's also hints of older Radiohead rearing its head from time to time. And for the most part, it does work, making this an easy album to listen to. Maybe too easy, because the latter half passes by without making much of an impression at all (apart from the irritating instrumental "More Than This"). Still, Motion Soundtrack has sown the seeds for a future that could prove to be brighter than some of Nine Days' Wonder would have you believe. (Racecar)