Mother's Day Playlist: Musicians' Moms Pick Their Favourite Songs

Mother's Day Playlist: Musicians' Moms Pick Their Favourite Songs
This Sunday (May 10) marks the return of Mother's Day. (And yeah, you're welcome for the reminder you disorganized ingrates!) Whether or not you view it as an important annual celebration or just another cash grab from Big Greeting Card, there's certainly nothing wrong with taking some moments to appreciate our mothers.

As such, we decided to reach out to some of our favourite Canadian musicians to find out their moms' favourite songs. The results were hilarious, touching and often very danceable.

Look for contributions from the mothers of Mac DeMarco, Alex Calder, Steve Adamyk, Rose Melberg, Young Braised, Samantha Savage Smith and Charlotte Day Wilson, along with members of Fucked Up, White Lung, PS I Love You, Energy Slime and DIANA.

Janine Adamyk (mother of Steve Adamyk):

When asked why she chose "A Beautiful Morning," Janine told her son, "It's a great, uplifting song with hooks. Your father plays it for me around the house when I need a pick me up."


Jennifer Bowman (mother of Jaymes Bowman a.k.a. Young Braised):

Jaymes Bowman remembers his mother with the following story:

"I don't really know if my mom had one favourite song. I know she was forced to throw away her Grease soundtrack on vinyl as a child (a trauma she avenged years later when I was forced to break my secular rap CDs with a hammer), but in the hopes of diversifying this list a bit, as well as honouring her musical taste from when I knew her, I must opt for some classic Christian Contemporary. It was this tape by S.C. Chapman that I remember hearing most in our Dodge Spirit, and this song in particular that got my foster brother (whom my mother loved and eventually taught to speak) singing along in the back seat; 'Whatever.'"

Colleen Calder (mother of Alex Calder):

Alex Calder explains that his mom's favourite music is the album Fancy Footwork by Chromeo. "I have no idea why, but she runs a consignment clothing store in Edmonton (formerly called Robes and Relics) that I used to work at and she would put that album on so loud in the store and dance. I initially bought the album but she took it over quickly…. It's extremely out of character for her to like something like that, too, coming from just being like a Neil Young fan."

Donna Clarke (mother of White Lung's Kenneth William):

When asked about her favourite song, Donna Clarke told her son, "I love classical music, as you know."