Moss Icon Emerge to Deliver Career-Spanning Comp, Reunion Show

Moss Icon Emerge to Deliver Career-Spanning Comp, Reunion Show
First wave emotive hardcore act Moss Icon initially called it quits over 20 years ago, but the Maryland-based band have reconvened their partnership in 2012 with news of a retrospective compilation and reunion gig.

A press release, citing that "bootlegged T-shirts and patches have been easier to come by than actual recordings," confirms that Temporary Residence will issue the Moss Icon Discography collection on May 8 as a double CD and triple LP. Among other releases, the compendium features the troupe's LP Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly, which was recorded in 1988 but released in 1994, three years after the group folded. Also included are tracks from their Hate In Me and Memorial seven-inches, and their side of the split twelve-inch with Silver Bearing.

Moss Icon will get back together this June, performing at Austin's Mohawk venue as part of the Chaos in Tejas festival, playing alongside current hardcore acts Ceremony, Iceage, and Give. It's unclear at this point whether there will be more reunion gigs. Moss Icon had previously reunited for a few shows in 2001.

Formed in 1986, the band fused post-punk tension with hardcore, described by Temporary Residence as being influenced by Joy Division and the Wipers, though more "sinister." The band were driven by the stream-of-conscious, sociopolitical musings of vocalist Jonathan Vance. You can stream the dark and heavy, rambling anthem "I'm Back Sleeping, Or Fucking, Or Something" down below.

Guitarist Tonie Joy made an impression on the punk scene following Moss Icon's dissolution, performing with the likes of Born Against, Universal Order of Armageddon and the Convocation Of, among others.

You can pre-order Moss Icon Discography here .

  Moss Icon Discography:

1. Mirror

2. I'm Back Sleeping, Or Fucking, Or Something

3. Divinity Cove

4. Locket

5. As Afterwards The Words Still Ring

6. Lyburnum - Wit's End (Liberation Fly)

7. Cricketty Rise (Haverton Roads - Browns And Greens)

8. Happy (Unbounded Glory)

9. The Life

10. Kick The Can

11. Memorial

12. Moth

13. Guatemala

14. Gravity

15. As Afterwards, The Words Still Ring

16. Familiar Presides

17. Hate In Me

18. What They Lack

19. Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die