Morrissey Skewers Trump and Clinton, Addresses Orlando Shootings in Open Letter

Morrissey Skewers Trump and Clinton, Addresses Orlando Shootings in Open Letter
Morrissey has never been one to be shy about voicing his political opinions, and with the United States fixated on both the horrific nightclub shooting in Orlando and the ongoing presidential race, Moz has shared his thoughts on both in an open letter. 

In a post on True To You, he wrote: 

Although the gunman who massacred 49 people at an Orlando gay club is said to have been 'repulsed' by homosexuality, he nonetheless left behind a slew of self-adoring 'selfies'; a handsome man gazing enchantedly at his own face. It is therefore acceptable for him to lovingly admire his own maleness, but it is not OK for other men to like other men. Does Islamic scripture say it is fitting for a man to sit alone taking adoring photographs of himself? I doubt it.

He then took aim at presidential candidate Donald Trump (whom he calls Donald Thump throughout the letter) and his avoidance of giving support to Orlando's LGBT community through saying if the nightclub patrons were carrying guns, they would have been safer.

"Donald Thump would therefore probably claim that the massacred children of Sandy Hook would still be alive today if only they'd had the common sense to carry sawn-off shotguns to school," Moz wrote. "The Thump response to Orlando is therefore anti-gay and pro-gun possession. Ann Coulter will be waving her baseball cap and cheering. It's all going so well for America!"

Looking at the United States election from a larger perspective, Morrissey then called the independent success of Bernie Sanders "the true victory of the presidential race," chiding the U.S. media for ignoring his successes in favour of Clinton being "the face and voice of pooled money" while Trump never fails to generate outrageous headlines.

"Ballot papers for 2016 should include a NO CONFIDENCE IN EITHER NOMINEE box, and it is this box that would collect the most votes, he continued.

"Clinton and Thump may be popular with the party faithful — but the party faithful aren't that large, and are not America, therefore a sad day looms in November — a day that only Bernie Sanders could have saved — had he been allowed his rightful share of media support. But, clearly, the presidential election really is none of your business. Did you ever seriously think it was?"

Read the full letter here.