Morrissey Set To Write His Autobiography

Morrissey Set To Write His Autobiography
He's a man who's never been short on words or gossip, and now it's surfaced that Steven Patrick Morrissey has announced he will soon begin writing his autobiography. While speaking with BBC 2's Janice Long, the former Smiths front-man and surname-flaunting vegan revealed that his next project will be a tell-all on himself to set the record straight.

"So much crap is written about me, it's hard to live with sometimes," he said. "It all gets burned down in history and becomes a part of your legacy."

Asked whether last year's controversial interview with the NME had anything to do with the decision, he replied, "Well, many, many, many things. But with every printed interview there's lots of misquotes and lots of them are really silly and really extreme and you have to live with them for the rest of your life. So it's setting the record straight."

In the interview, Morrissey also opened up about his forthcoming new album, Year Of Refusal (due in February), calling it his best album yet. "It's fantastically strong," he said. "It's very, very strong and it's interesting for me after all these years, but it's the strongest."

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