Morrissey Disowns Upcoming Box Sets, Urges Boycott

Morrissey Disowns Upcoming Box Sets, Urges Boycott
Former Smiths front-man and beloved solo star Morrissey is in a huff about the announced vinyl box sets collecting his early singles. The boxes, due in early November, collect Moz's work from 1988 to 1995.

So why is Morrissey so pissed? Well, not only were the sets prepared without his permission, but he also won't see a dime from their release. (Hmm... sounds familiar.)

In a statement released through his official fansite, it was revealed that Moz wants a boycott. "Morrissey would like it to be known that he has not been consulted by EMI/HMV/Parlophone with regards to two forthcoming boxed sets of Morrissey singles," it reads. "Morrissey does not approve such releases and would ask people not to bother buying them. Morrissey receives no royalty payments from EMI for any back catalogue, and has not received a royalty from EMI since 1992. Morrissey also does not approve of, and was not consulted on, the Rhino box of Smiths CDs, or the Warner releases of Smiths LPs on 180 gramme vinyl. Morrissey last received a royalty payment from Warners ten years ago, and, once again, he would ask people not to bother buying the reissued LPs or CDs."

Just so you know what you're boycotting when the sets come out this fall, the tracklisting for each of the two boxes is below.

The Seven-inch Singles '88 to 91:

A. "Suedehead"
B. "I Know Very Well How I Got My Name"

A. "Everyday Is Like Sunday"
B. "Disappointed"

A. "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys"
B. "Lucky Lisp"

A. "Interesting Drug"
B. "Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference"

A. "Oujia Board, Oujia Board"
B. "Yes I Am Blind"

A. "November Spawned A Monster"
B. "He Knows I"d Love To See Him"

A. "Piccadilly Palare"
B. "Get Off The Stage"

A. "Our Frank"
B. "Journalists Who Lie"

A. "Sing Your Life"
B. "That"s Entertainment"

A. "Pregnant For The Last Time"
B. "Skin Storm"

The HMV/Parlophone Singles 91 to 95:

A. "My Love Life"
B. "I"ve Changed My Plea To Guilty"

A. "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"
B. "Suedehead" (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, October 4, 1991)

A. "You're The One For Me, Fatty"
B. "Pashernate Love"

A. "Certain People I Know"
B. "Jack The Ripper"

A. "The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get"
B. "Used To Be A Sweet Boy"

A. "Hold On To Your Friends"
B. "Moon River"

A. "Interlude"
B. "Interlude (Extended)"

A. "Boxers"
B. "Have-A-Go Merchant"

A. "Sunny"
B. "Black-Eyed Susan"