Morrissey Declares "Be Kind to Animals or I'll Kill You" via New T-Shirt

Morrissey Declares 'Be Kind to Animals or I'll Kill You' via New T-Shirt
It may not be shocking to anyone who's followed the Meat Is Murder singer's career, but the launch of Morrissey's new Mporium online store could stir up controversy via a T-shirt item that bears the blunt animal rights slogan, "Be Kind to Animals or I'll Kill You."

The item went up for sale today (September 25) on the UK store, while a North American version of the online retail site launches tomorrow. As you can see up above, the shirt features a straight-forward, all-caps font of the slogan. Also available is another T-shirt with a caricature of the singer flaunting knuckle tattoos that read "meat free."

As you can see below, other items include a cheeky "Shoplifters of the World Unite" tote bag, a pair of boxing gloves, a metal cross necklace and a pillow cover, among other merch.

Throughout Morrissey's career, the English singer has criticized the meat and fur industry. Earlier this year, a blog post took aim at Canada's seal hunt practices, condemning the country's culls as "greedy and barbaric" and "regrettably fashionably dead." This found Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea issuing a statement of her own, describing Morrissey as "a millionaire celebrity, desperate for a hobby, shamelessly regurgitating misinformation and myths." Morrissey then shot back with another message describing the hunts as profiteering.