Morrissey Campaigns Against British Royal Guard's Bearskin Hats

Morrissey Campaigns Against British Royal Guard's Bearskin Hats
We all know Morrissey's stance on animal rights; after all, this is the man who named the Smiths' 1985 album Meat Is Murder and once refused to play shows in Canada because of the seal hunt. Now, he has targeted a new source of animal cruelty: the bearskin hats worn by the British Royal Guard.

In a letter to the Times, Morrissey voiced his support for Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe's stance on the issue; the politician recently unveiled a video exposing the cruel treatment of Canadian brown bears. The fansite Morrissey Solo has a full transcription of his letter, which argues, "There is no sanity in making life difficult on purpose for the Canadian brown bear, especially for guards hats that look absurd in the first place, and which can easily be replaced by faux versions (thanks to the visionary Stella McCartney) with no death involved."

He blamed Elizabeth II for the practice, claiming, "She must surely be aware of the horrific process utilized to supply real bearskins for her Guards. The mere sight of each bearskin hat must surely jab at the Queen's heart."

According to the singer, "The guards wearing real fur reflects the human spirit at its lowest."

Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the heads-up.