Morrissey Blasts Media over Reports of Onstage "Attack"

Morrissey Blasts Media over Reports of Onstage 'Attack'
While Morrissey is no stranger to scandalous headlines, the Smiths hero and his team are blasting the media over reports that surfaced this weekend regarding a so-called onstage "attack."

While performing a concert in San Diego on Saturday (November 10), some concertgoers rushed the stage during "Every Day Is Like Sunday" — an event that's more than a little common at Morrissey shows.

After video footage of the commonplace onstage event surfaced online, however, various sites such as TMZ published stories with headlines stating "Morrissey Attacked On Stage" — coverage that Moz's team is now criticizing through the singer's social media.

In a Facebook post,Morrissey's manager Peter Katsis wrote: "The only trouble at San Diego were the fictitious reports by TMZ that I had been attacked. This is absolute crap. The concert and the crowd were a dream night for me. I was honoured and grateful for such an excited and loving response. It concluded an outstanding set of U.S dates and I am absolutely thrilled. TMZ, alas, live exclusively in a world of their own, and certain sections of the press seem enraged that there is nothing negative to report."

He added, "Morrissey's fans are not malicious. The fans were simply doing what they have been doing for almost 30 years."

Down below, you can watch the video footage of the incident for yourself, as well as find the full Facebook statement.

Despite what the singer's management wrote, Morrissey did not return to the stage at the San Diego show after the onstage incident, while the apparent stage invader was removed in a chokehold by security.