Morrissey "The Bullfighter Dies" (studio version/spoken word video)

Morrissey 'The Bullfighter Dies' (studio version/spoken word video)
Though he's certainly not keeping any of his touring commitments, indie pop legend Morrissey is still going ahead with the release of his forthcoming new album World Peace Is None of Your Business. Today, he's shared two streams related to the song "The Bullfighter Dies."

As with all of the leaks thus far, Moz has shared another spoken-word clip for "The Bullfighter Dies." If you were one of the lucky few, you may have seen it before it was yanked last month. The decidedly pro-bull message is discussed via a dressed-up Moz, who delivers his lines atop a sombre trumpet.

If you're growing tired of the spoken-word videos (though we can't see why you would be), Morrissey has also shared a stream of the song's studio version.

Check out both below.

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