Morris Day and the HAIM "Jungle Love" (live on 'Kimmel')

Morris Day and the HAIM 'Jungle Love' (live on 'Kimmel')
The folks over at Jimmy Kimmel Live! have been delivering special collaborations as part of their Mash Up Mondays series, and last night (February 9) saw the amalgamation of Morris Day and the Time with sisterly trio HAIM.
Performing as Morris Day and the HAIM, they rocked out Morris Day and the Time's 1984 classic "Jungle Love." The funk-infused jam saw the ladies of HAIM do their best back-up singer routine, complete with choreographed swaying and "oh-wee-oh-wee-oh"s. Day himself steals the show with his yellow suit and groovy moves, but the whole thing is worth a watch.
You can check it out in the player below.