Moonface Announces Solo Piano Shows, Plays Montreal

Moonface Announces Solo Piano Shows, Plays Montreal
Since Spencer Krug started up his Moonface project a few years ago, he's evolved from marimba jams, to organ-driven songs, to recording a full-length collaboration with Finnish experimentalists Siinai. Now, the prolific, conceptual Canadian artist is apparently heading into a new direction, having just announced a few shows where he'll be rocking just a piano.

It's unclear whether Krug will be performing new material, reworking older Moonface songs for the eighty-eights, or both, but Jagjaguwar has confirmed that he'll play three solo shows in May, with two taking place in New York and another at Montreal's Il Motore. You can see the details down below.

Moonface's last LP was 2012's With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery.

Tour dates:

5/4 Clinton, NY – Hamilton College 

5/5 Brooklyn, NY – Littlefield 

5/6 Montreal, QC – Il Motore