Moonface "I'm Not the Phoenix Yet" (video)

Moonface 'I'm Not the Phoenix Yet' (video)
Like Olivia Newton-John before him, Moonface main man Spencer Krug wants you to get physical with his latest video off With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery, "I'm Not the Phoenix Yet."

The Throneboogie-delivered clip captures one gym junkie going through her exercise routine. You get some tight shots of the lady alternating between yogic stretches and a fist-flying shadow boxing session. We must point out, however, that cut-off jean shorts aren't exactly the most comfortable article of clothing to include in your gym strip.

On another note, we can't decide whether to congratulate or castigate the videomakers for skimping out on a gratuitous, sweaty-ass shot when Krug croons the line "finally, here comes the moon." You can decide for yourself whether that was the right move by streaming the clip down below.