Montana Police Blast AC/DC's "Hells Bells" to Scare Bison Off the Highway

BY Josiah HughesPublished Sep 11, 2019

There's no denying that AC/DC make for the perfect road trip soundtrack, but their tunes could also save your life. Specifically, the band's "Hells Bells" is being used to keep pesky bison from intruding on Montana's highways.

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office revealed their one trick that every bison hates with a Facebook post. "When deputies respond to a bison on the road, they turn on lights and siren and encourage the animal to leave the road with an air horn," they wrote. "With a reluctant bison, they've been known to play AC/DC's 'Hell's Bells' [sic] over the speakers — that usually seems to work."

It's hard to imagine what it is about that specific song that pisses off the bison, but we'd love to see the sheriffs play around with it a little. For example, what would happen if they played the music of Bison for the bison?

Read the full sheriff's office post below.

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