More Light Shed on Kurt Cobain Solo Album

More Light Shed on Kurt Cobain Solo Album
Just last week, we learned that the recent Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary isn't the last new material we'll get surrounding the late Nirvana frontman. Instead, the artist's archival home recordings are being released as a solo album. In a new interview, Heck director Brett Morgen opened up about the release.

Speaking with KCRW [via Billboard], Morgen explained the simple process in which he discovered all of the music. "I went into the archives — this could be too strong a word — [and] I liberated a lot of material for the film," he said. "The primary motivation at that moment was for [daughter] Frances [Bean Cobain].

"I finished the film and there was all this other music. No one asked me to do anything. I just started cutting the thing together and telling the estate they should put this out. Initially, I thought it would be a nice complement to the film… I don't have any financial stake in the album."

The album is said to feature demos that Cobain never brought to his Nirvana bandmates, as well as intimate recordings of Kurt speaking. "It feels like you're in Kurt's house, watching him create," Morgen says. "You're eavesdropping on him… in the most positive sense of the word, with a great deal of sensitivity, too."

It's unclear who exactly owns the rights to the album, whether that's Morgen, Courtney Love or Universal Music. When asked about that aspect, Morgen said, "I assembled it and passed it over to the various other people," Morgen maintained, declining to expand on the process beyond that."

Stay tuned for more information on Kurt Cobain's upcoming solo album as it becomes available.