Montag Announces Digital Singles Series, Shares First Instalment

Montag Announces Digital Singles Series, Shares First Instalment
Montreal-based bedroom electro-pop prodigy Montag (aka Antoine Bédard) is back with news of a year-long digital single series called Phases. Though he released the odd remix for acts like M83 and Au Revoir Simone over the last few years, the project marks the first major activity for Montag since issuing the aptly titled Hibernation EP in 2009.

A statement from Bédard explains that he's opted to skip out on a proper LP in favour of the single format to challenge himself. Each single must be created within a month and feature an exclusive B-side (whether another original, cover or remix), plus Bédard also has to make a video for the number. Bédard will blog about the experience throughout the month on his website.

Each volume of Phases will arrive on the last Tuesday of the month, which means that the first instalment came out yesterday (January 31). That first digital offering features fresh tune "New Design," and you can see the cutesy, choreographed clip for it down below.

"For the lyrics, I liked the idea of using the word 'new' because the whole experience of writing the song felt that way: new -- new project, new context, new everything," Bédard said about the track. "Because the song was not destined for an album I felt really different about it."

Also included is a cover of Canadian '80s act the Spoons' "Nova Heart," which features guest vocals from Canadian actor Liane Balaban.

"New Design" was released on Spotify yesterday (sorry, Canada), but will be available on iTunes February 7 via Carpark. No news just yet on what February's song will be, but expect updates from Montag soon.

Montag - New Design from Jeremie Battaglia on Vimeo.