Monster Bobby Gaps

Though he’s not overly public about his involvement with the polka dot dress-donning ladies in the Pipettes, Monster Bobby is the man behind that band’s music, as part of backing band the Cassettes. Being in the shadows of the Pipettes, however, isn’t enough for the Brighton-based songwriter, and he’s compiled a collection of songs for Gaps. As a solo artist, Monster Bobby is a whole other beast entirely. There are still some traces of his ’60s pop adoration ("Blah Blah Blah (Give Up),” for instance) but for the most part, Gaps is a mishmash of peculiar experiments and half songs. Few moments on this album feel realised and at a whopping 17 tracks, it’s a laborious task to get through once, let alone give a second listen to. In fact, it’s difficult to consider Monster Bobby’s more successful project while listening to Gaps because there’s such a disconnect in craftsmanship. Even the best he has to offer on "I Live For Yr Fleeting Touch,” a futuristic take on the C86 sound, ends before it’s just about to get interesting. It’s a wise move by Bobby to distance himself from the Pipettes with his promotion for this album because any fan of the swinging girl group would find little satisfaction in this vanity project. (Hypnote)