Monolith Here Comes The Monolith

A band name like the Monolith conjures up images of immense, angular music with huge guitars and overwhelming density. Yet the San Francisco band are almost practically the polar opposite, sounding more like an amalgam of the Cars, Apples In Stereo and the Beatles. The first track on Here Comes The Monolith, gives a good inkling of what to expect for the remainder of the album, and the band don’t disappoint. Or maybe they do because the onslaught of one-dimensional pop songs gets a little tiring, and the lack of surprises stops Here Comes The Monolith from being a compelling album. In their defence though, there is nothing quite like a really good pop song, and both "43” and "Dandelion Storm” both qualify. And the band’s mix of sweet harmonies and catchy keyboard riffs makes the majority of the album very easy to listen to. Just don’t expect any kind of long term relationship. (Fortune)