Mongoloids Assorted Music

Clocking in at nine songs and 17 minutes, Assorted Music might be billed as an EP but it still manages to play as a full-length. Quite possibly this is due to the band's rather simplistic and therefore unsurprising old school New York hardcore sound. They rarely diverge from the requisite chunky guitar riffs played at half-time speed beneath a barking vocalist. In fact, while there's nothing particularly wrong with Assorted Music, it feels a slight step behind that which it so lovingly mimics; it has barely grasped how to use a wheel, let alone how to reinvent it. The end result is a collection of songs that plug along with aspirations of being Hatebreed but wind up closer to being hated. Even the unusual musical interludes and odd time signatures that are thrown in randomly feel like the band are trying too hard to be different. Unfortunately that means they end up on the wrong side. (Eulogy)