Moneyshot The Illusion of Quality

Listening to The Illusion of Quality leads one to wonder whether or not Moneyshot have spent a little too much time watching Hard Core Logo (or listening to the Red Hot Lovers, for those requiring comparisons to real bands). Were it not for the absence of Joe Dick’s unmistakable voice grumbling away overtop, this full-length effort from a bunch of — you guessed it — West Coast punkers would sound like the missing element to imaginary HCL albums like Son Of A Bitch To The Core. As The Illusion of Quality proves, Moneyshot are just as primal, simplistic and forthright as their imaginary heroes. There’s a certain "Something’s Gonna Die Tonight” element in this effort. It’s an urgency and restlessness that is startling and moderately infectious, equal parts eerie and appealing. This means Moneyshot lay down a straightforward 4/4 rock groove as a foundation, blast out just enough cranky distortion to channel mid-’70s New York and stir the pot with subtle Skynyrd twang and sneering glam. In truth, it sounds far more tasteful and original than such a basic description allows. (Independent)