Mondo Treat Ennio Morricone's 'The Big Gundown' Score to New Vinyl Pressing

Mondo Treat Ennio Morricone's 'The Big Gundown' Score to New Vinyl Pressing
Interest in Ennio Morricone's music has hardly waned, but the Spaghetti Western score master is having some of his older material revisited in light of his upcoming work for Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight. Movie music hub Mondo will be giving Morricone's score to Sergio Sollima's 1966 western The Big Gundown an all new vinyl pressing later this week.

The imprint's weekly newsletter confirms that the record lands this Wednesday (August 5) as a double LP, cut at 45 rpm "for best sound quality." The remastered collection preserves 25 tracks across the two platters. It features music composed by Morricone, as performed by an orchestra conducted by Bruno Nicolai. It also features an eight-piece choir on entries like "Coro Dei Mormoni."

While the soundtrack has been issued more than a few times on CD and LP, this Mondo-backed set features freshly curated artwork from Geof Darrow and Dave Stewart. As you'll see up above, the cover delivers a caricature of actor Lee Van Cleef as the film's lawman, John Corbett. The record will be pressed onto standard black wax, as well as a limited run on "Brown Vinyl with Gold Splatter."

Down below, you'll find three samples from the set, as well as a full tracklisting.

As for Morricone's upcoming western work, Quentin Tarantino revealed at last month's San Diego Comic Con that the composer had been tapped to deliver original music for the Hateful Eight The film director noted that this will be Morricone's first full western score in 40 years.

The Big Gundown:

1. Run man run
2. La vedova
3. Titoli di testa (la caccia)
4. La corrida
5. Dopo la condanna
6. Primo deserto
7. La condanna
8. La resa
9. La resa dei conti (seconda caccia)
10. Arriva Cucillo
11. Coro dei mormoni
12. Secondo deserto
13. Titoli di coda (la resa dei conti)
14. Corri uomo corri
15. Arriva Cucillo (versione lunga)
16. La resa dei conti (titoli - ripresa)
17. Primo deserto (Jonathan Corbett)
18. La vedova (il ranch)
19. Primo deserto (arriva Corbett)
20. La resa dei conti (square dance nuziale)
21. Primo deserto (il morso del serpente)
22. La resa dei conti (Rosita)
23. Primo deserto (preso nell'imboscata)
24. La resa dei conti (Mariachi)
25. Run man run (Titoli finale)